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Vivishaa Media Creations was founded by Hamsini Vasireddy Yerneni in 2016 out of passion as a start up, over the last 2 years it expanded into Artage Studio and Meritto and is also headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Meritto primarily focuses on Digital learning. Artage studio targets international Audience and has been contributing to the 3D animation discipline. The sole purpose is producing indigenous animation content for the growing and developing animation industry in India. We always strived and believed deliver the best outcomes and create content possible to the digital learning world because it brings animation into the next level, with the top technologies and best artists in the business. Our vision gives a sense of direction and destination. Then our main motive is to be a leader in this industry and stand out from all the other competitors in the market by providing the best enhanced audio visual contents to our clients like students from both urban and rural areas. To conclude, it captures our aspiration of being the best in everything we do and makes us stand as one company which differentiates us from other companies.


Developed over 15,000 min of 2D digital content for both CBSE and STATE boards.
Developed over 3,000 min of 3D digital content.
Developed Children's animated videos, Slokas, Nursery Rhymes.
Developed moral stories for ETV.


Artage studio is a new brand of Vivishaa Media Creations founded by Hamsini Vasireddy Yerneni to develop international ground breaking IP'S. Artage studio introduces animation shows to a whole new level, with state of art technologies and a competent team of the best artists in the business.
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This is a very unique and invasive platform. To explain, we are growing in the industry with our creativity, innovation and invention by developing TV shows, IP’S and original licenses to attract the international market. Meritto is a method of innovative and adaptive learning for students. It is a slow process which is done in order since it is a comprehensive learning program for students aged from 4-18 years. Meritto is also a leading provider of custom E-learning solutions with more than 4 years of experience.It is also a design with every interaction and interface elements. It is a process well designed and delivers a good designed content product by incorporating interactive learning elements, instructional games, simulations and video scenarios by building a good aim with motivated learning which completely engages the learner.
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We are always looking for new talents! Are you a Modeller, Animator, Illustrator, Sound designer? Send us your CV and a reel of your work to job@vivishaa.com and be part of our team.



Plot No. 471, 2nd Floor, Road No - 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500033